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 Michael A.Wagner, Saegespaene-Chris,

Randy Morris, Erica Gonzalez, Bunnie Bryant,

Chris Patrick




Fall by Randy Morris

When the wind settles down and the sun begins to set, the gentle autumn evening conjures what I haven't done as yet.
See it's a special time for fall that means times for special fun, like pumpkins, pies, and lovely hayrides, a pony ride with someone.
But the falling leaves remind me of how quickly fall flies by, with hustle and bustle of grown-up life, it's gone in the blink of an eye.
Yet the child within me dreams still of the fun and joy fall brings:  filling the silence of dusk with laughs, the pleasure of life's little things.
The landscape and the color are a miracle to me, to know what reds and yellows strike in my heart to get to see.
So it's easy to get lost as the window draws my gaze, reliving what I felt so young amongst the beauty of God's ways.
As I ponder all these things can you relate to what I feel?  If as you've read these sentiments to you they're just as real.
If you can, then there's only one right thing for you to do- fulfill your heart dear child, and let the autumn breathe in you.

Chris Patrick

Please welcome Chris Patrick to my site. I met this fine young man on another site and noticed his love for the written word. He's kind, inquisitive, and an asset to the world and my site.

Chris is the first younger poet I have invited and I am certain we'll see growth and insight as he continues to write.

While hundreds of thoughts filled my head last night, I came to realize something. The only reason why some of my poems are good or really good is because of a muse. Some were off of different muses and most of them were based off one special muse. Many poets, singers, writers and even painters had some of their greatest work based off of a muse. In my opinion, a muse brings out the best of you in and through your work. It can put personal feelings, regrets and even hope and faith while you write. This has brought out a lot in me. This kind of inspiration helps me get better. Punctuation will help me too. I can't forget about punctuation.

C Pat- a Marine  serving his country and protecting us. THANK YOU CHRIS

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit."
~ Aristotle


As I Stare Through The Looking Glass                      
Chris Patrick


Thousands of questions in my head;

Searching for answers with no end.

Regretting words that I never said;

Looking at letters that I didn't send.
Thinking of a possible new life,

As the rain drops onto the ground.

No more Heart-Brake that cuts like a knife

And have hope for real love to be found.
So many thoughts within my mind,

Unsure of which is best for me.

Unafraid to leave the past behind.

As I begin to set myself free.

As I stare through the looking glass..


                        Death's Curse      
Each and every day;

I meet someone new.

Take them with me

To send them away.


They all knew me,

Knew me by name.

Yet, they don't know


The one curse I carry.

No matter who I meet,

No matter who I like.


I cannot settle,I cannot love,

I cannot be content.

My curse is that:


the Grim Reaper

Must be foreverALONE

Chris Patrick


Wolf's Cry

You can hear them all,

 Howling in the distance.

Ending a long battle,

 Mourning their fallen.

Lives have been lost,

New land has been gained.

Yet, they cry aloud.

They howl in remembrance

Of loved ones lost.


Guardian of the Forest


She is there,

Hiding in the trees

;Living amungst the vines.

Protecting all she owns

From those who scorn her.

Scaring those who fear her.

Yet, she saves the helpless,

The lonely such as me;

And for all her deeds

I love her.


Please sing for me
sing that sweet song.
That when I listen;
my heart will melt
my soul feels warm;
sing again for me,
that melody you wrote.
One simply made
for my ears to hear;
my soul to enjoy.

Chris Patrick © 2012

The Break Up (aftermath)

Sitting alone
inside this empty room.
Listening to the rain,
trying not to cry.
Seeing these empty hands
remembering holding you.
Missing your warm touch
Missing your beautiful smile.
I can't stand it no more
Sitting in the rain,
Calling out your name
While I begin to cry.

Chris Patrick © 2012


One Kiss

Just one kiss,
just one chance
can keep you here
in love with me?
Forever more?

Chris Patrick © 2012


 Winter Night

In the cabin
hiding away from snow.
Holding you tight
afraid to let you go.
In the dead winter night
I love every form of you..
In the dead winter night,

I’m here to keep you warm.

Chris Patrick © 2012



The Moon

Gazing in the moonlight
in complete , total solitude.
Thinking of your loneliness
pondering your sadness.
No one to give you love
can't say the reason why.
Annoyed by the situation,
hurt by the decisions you made.
Gazing in the moonlight,
trying not to cry.

Chris Patrick  © 2012


As my mind drifts away

thinking of possible things
that can come to pass
I can envision possible futures.
I often imagine kissing you
being here with me,

 Chris Patrick © 2012

My son, do not fear
The things that shall come. 
For I shall be here, and
Thy will shall be done.

My son, do not worry
About the ones you love. 
Safety won't leave in a hurry,
For I shall watch from above.

Now smile, my blessed son for
No tears shall leave your eyes.
Joy shall now only come,
To sit where sadness lied.

One thing that I ask now,
After all that you see.
Once the blessings fall down,
Still, will you remember me?

Chris Patrick 9/2012

Chris Patrick



photo by tumblr




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