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Susan Johnston Owen ©




Walking Away

This time around
it will be HER dreams
that come true.
If no one understands
it will be their concern
to ask her why?

Never would she wound another,
nor close her heart to one in need.
It’s a strong woman’s heart
that kept things going
through the good, bad, ugly.
It was a broken soul
that picked itself up
keeping  those who needed her safe.

When it can’t be done anymore
her love will open the door
to kindness, compassion,  truth.
Where did it go,
where did she go?
Selfish to walk away from years
turned into no more than a duty?

Before judging the life she chose
consider her side.
This walk was more than
hard, torturous, sad;
she nearly fell on her face.
The lies from her mouth so frequent,
they appeared to be the truth.
” My life is terrific,
I’m happy,
nothing is wrong,  
you must be teasing.
Oh, she could lie , but not to herself.

How many broken vows have left her
destroyed on the floor?
How many times did she deny
what was known to her heart?
She must be be free,
please let her fly.
This cage demolished the person
who will no longer be locked inside.
Have you
looked at her lately,
have you listened to the pain?
Remembering a time when
things were better,
 you’ve taken
what was not yours.
Stealing spirit,
love of life; trust,  trust , trust.
There are no more questions,
She’s done.

There’s no way to love you with HER gentle heart,
At last free, watch her soar,
Love her,
value her,
she will not wither and die......................




My Beloved Stranger


Nothing More Than Strangers

There’s nothing I’ll ask;

could be it’s not deserved.

You may not have any, of my soul ?

Never gazing upon that,

you don’t know eyes sparkling from

passion, emanating in afterglow,

my tears of joy, nor my moans of grief.


What about the lioness roar

brought on when the child in me cries?

Does ice cream get on my nose

embarrassing everyone but me.


The silly in me has been loosed.

I’ll never see your best or worst,

that would complicate what?

Something superficial, nonexistent.


 Pleasant for a time, gone, too many questions.

You are generous, satisfying feelings

coming to life after years denied.

Will you ever want to know the woman

who cares for herself, yet allows

another the entrance to her heart?


Tears flow down her  face in the desire

for you to drop the facade, fear.

There will be no damage sent to you,

only a soft place to lie and feel free.


To be your cup of comfort would

unlock the fear in my heart, fill yourself

with knowledge of this being who

will let you go when panic starts to rise.

Susan Johnston Owen


I Can't Have You

Would I ever have a chance

 to kiss your lips

which make

my heart sing

when I see you smile.

Will there ever be a time

 to feel you in my arms?

Just looking at you

 puts lust in my mind.

Why did we meet

I barely know you?

Our worlds are nowhere near.

There is shame in my feelings

you are out of my reach,

another loves me,

 it would hurt if I strayed.


Wanting you is wrong,

 leave my mind,

the thoughts are painful'

Will this temptation

be one I can control?

Please help me

my eyes can't stay away,

your voice gives me such joy.

Perhaps one long kiss

 will cure this desire,

I know I'll want much more.

Wanting you has grown

out of control,

I can't stop watching you move

seeing your smile.

I have stayed loyal and true.

 Tell me why I have gone insane

I have a good man

 why would I want two?


Wanting you is wrong,

 leave my mind,

the ache is too painful,

will the ache be one

I can control?

I'm already promised to another,

you can't be in my life,

I must forget you.        


 Susan Johnston Owen





He Never Asked

Unable to face reality
was the lie for him?
Was he the first
to make her take pause?
Her beautiful reflection
only she knows
her gruesome ghosts.
Scars on her torso;
no one can bombard
her powerful wall.

Once her guard fell,
to open her wounds? No!
She released her wiles.
Laughing needed,
the past held her torment
Desiring only one wish,
dreaming in vain.
Bottling alarm,
she lived the life given,
aware of her fate,
she wrings the days dry.

Recognizing her faults
not revealing more,
never once surprised
when he left her stunned,
tears would consume her,
she knew she was wrong.
Had he pushed for the truth
would have revealed it,
not be defeated or thrown.

Should he have confronted,
stopped playing sleuth?
He would not feel betrayed,
he'd know what he needed.
With hope, understand.
Was never to be.

sjo/jazz rewritten 8/9/2012 ©







There are no poems left in her
about the mess they made.
Yesterday a bond was formed,
she was not in this matter alone.

In friendship as in everything
the promises made were risks.
Chanced when he enjoyed
the terror inside her heart.

Nothing for them just happened
it needed some time to grow.
Called each other friend, tried love,
holding back the truth, gave it an end.

She will no longer stand while
listening to senseless attacks.
If they were friends with love on trust,
no one would have been suspicious once.

They'd let each other speak honestly
in time with need and want.
No longer argue his jealous points,
standing up to his tongue's harsh swing.

He's fashioned his illogical points
she's struck him back with hers,
theirs  is an unfair, senseless song.
She's no evil person, he'd claims her to be.

She took all the pain he gave,
hoping his heart could feel free.
Was her anguish ever a thought to him?
Was this why she couldn't break through?

Both sated in deep despair of the past
they could not heal each other.
She had to leave; he to hide,
would he runaway from her?

He's believes he won by inflicting grief.
Why does this still go on?
No longer together, he's shielding,
sending others as his pawn.

In part, he's right, she was not fair
to hide so much from him.
Each day he challenges her;
show the world the truth.

What will he gain in that
when he betrays them in lies?
Just cast the stone her way
will that make the pain fly?

Wanting her naked to the bone
taking all her pride away.
She's sorry he can't do that;
he's taken it each day.

He set his mind on close
to keep her frightened more.
He never told her EVERYTHING,
he feared she'd run from him.

She never told him  EVERYTHING
feeling the same way true.
They never built a friendship
just passion built on lies,
when the time came to go on,
they crashed, burned and died.

Being her judge and jury had
been his hungry, driving force.
No more she'll hold her head high
look at him for the first time.

They ended in deep sorrow,
better now to set it free.

The End

sjo/jazz 9/29/2009- forgotten 1/25/2011©never again thought about 11/19/2014