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                RAVEN WOODS-POETRY



I am a candle
slowly burning
in the kiss of your Presence
melting sweetly
tenderly  burning
paving the way
for grace,
musical and divine
the heart breaks open
amid its flickering beauty
it screams:

“become a part of me!”
My heart lands in your palm,
circling and spinning
with gentle force,
longing and union as one;
see, the healer is cured by Love~
I can’t say more…
Will you complete this for me,
in the clandestine words
only we understand?

R. Woods

4/11/2012 ©

Lover’s Dance


In every breath,

every step,

every beat,

with each twist and turn,

we feel complete.

It began with a touch,

a smile, a moment shared;


natural emotions,

we were unprepared

In the small of my back,

your  hand gently rested

Lost looking into eyes,

so aesthetically

commanding control



Rhythmically stepping,

each movement pulsating.

The warmth of your hand,

fingers entwined

Two hearts pounding

to our own movement in time


We succumb

to this mysterious hypnotic trance.

Lovers going astray

in life's eternal dance.

R. Woods




Look at Me


What do you see?

Please, close your eyes.

Look at me once more.

Now, close your eyes..


 Please, look again.

No, close your eyes.

Now may I ask?

What do you see?


 Would you think of me?

Entertain my wish,

satisfy this request.

Who do you see?


Charm with a touch,

enchant with a thought.

Relish just one look,

if that would delight.


 My longing eyes,

close ever gently.

Caught in memory;

I see you, I smile.





The blades of the fan were lulling her to sleep

as memories of the day invaded any ability to rest.

It had been months since the sandman visited ,

every dream invaded by a lover she forced away.


 They were not the people they deemed to be.

deception had destroyed the most painful of loves.

He blamed her; they had both been wrong.

Ironic, he was much older in looks than his picture.


 They had met on line destroying each other,

too many assumptions, deceit, duplicity, trickery.

On their final day he had warmed to her again,

knowing it would never last in his judgmental eyes,


 she walked out of his life never looking back.

Now married, pregnant and confused her decision

would be to give her babies a better, secure life.

Cancer had damaged her mind, she'd been lost.


 Why didn't she love the man who pulled her

from the depths of despair to adore her?


Why was she unable to bond with him, he saved her?

She reminded herself daily of his love, made a home.

 What would become of her heart; leaving impossible?

The fan flickered in the light as a soft snore


reminded her of the situation she'd created.

Her thoughts wandered to the past; that love was dead.

 Her life had wonderful moments of joy, she was lucky.

Being enamored of a man with sparkling topaz eyes,
was one thing she would choose to forget.


Total Confusion


 Her eyes were in shock as the words he wrote were read.

Never being sure of his feelings or hers,

a heart which had never healed from the past,

was unable to read emotions, other than frustration.


How does one answer a question she is unaware is being asked?

Early on, hours were spent together just talking

It was her joy in the morning to find him there,

and her frustration; what was she to him?


 Sweet words were written; had been received by others,

her mind could not find those which were hers alone.

Disturbed by feelings she had no right to bear;

the habit she had of protecting her heart crept in.


 Now she reads, he felt close to her, emotions she feared.

Dare ever feeling she was special, her mind closed.

There was no intent to consciously provoke;

knowledge of his total being was not hers.


 Living up to the expectations given to change herself,

backing away was her only choice, he disliked "HER".

It was too painful to continue, why was she always wrong?

In the end there was more pain than pleasure.


 Never asking for forever, she asked for respect.

Too much was wrong with her in his eyes;

why would she beg for constant criticism?

She didn't walk away, she was pushed.


 It was not his place to make her feel inadequate.

She was given an ultimatum to change or be rejected.

Love, if there was any, warms your heart.

Beg is not a word in the language of lovers.


 Respect and trust;

if any was felt for her, recognizing it was impossible.

Will he allow her to have her own emotions,

or once more tell her she is wrong?


She knows not what he wants other than to fix her.

To that she says, "No,"

 He was to be her friend, not her parent.

Whether or not acknowledged, he'd been analyzing.


R. Woods


In A Meadow

Con traducción al español

She awakens, remembering the night afore;

As a blade of grass tickles her naked back

a smile appears while eying his buttocks

glistening gloriously in the rising sunlight.


She plays, waking her slumbering desire.

Her willing partner in passion's game stirs.

Smiling, he gathers her beauty. Enticed,

she slides onto his firm countenance.


The burning sun on her back will ease

with the memory of sated satisfaction.



Forever in the Heart



Please never cry for us, we mattered

in a way that God intended us to grow.

In a lesson that forever changed us,

to honor the gifts he gives , whether

they last a lifetime or help us sow

seeds of new expectations, visions

to keep without pain, love that we'll

never be quite the same, held in a

piece of our hearts no one else claims.

Someday our children will wonder

where our thoughts travel back,

to soft whispers in our ears we'll

never erase, we had that feeling,

he let us know what true love should be.

There is no one to blame, only

human frailty and fear that the

risk to our hearts would never mend

for the tear is permanently there.

As humans we're nothing without

love, seeking and longing within,

yet no one is perfect, you told me,

so why does man cease to look.

remember, expecting too

much of the mate he longs for.

Perhaps this is what is called


if we are blessed, the flaws fade,

we never notice , they don't matter,

for all that they hold in their passion

has no place, there are no faults

or imperfections, nothing the

other will see as time moves.

Two entities find one another,

the wrinkles and gray hair all fade.

She's never annoyed when he

leaves her for creamer, if she gains

a few pounds, more to love.

The journey should never be

laborious, painful, trying, hard.

Just knowing he'll come home

with a smile, just because she's there.

True love always communicates,

never holds back , gently asks

questions that lead to pondering.

Reaches out to move past alarm,

honesty is never an issue, fright

that this love can't be true will

never cause trepidation, concern,

restless nights of anxiety.

Distance and fright to be forthwith,

left us with concerns, unable to face.

How could we hold on forever,

when we had never embraced at all?

Our cruelty as each other saw it,

lead to lies and deceit true love

should never feel or receive.

Yet the lessons we learn in this

period ,forever precious in time,

perhaps taught us what we'll need.

You came to me when most needed,

enhanced my life, that I know.

Perhaps in the eyes of our children

we'll remember this time with a smile.

For nights of long conversations,

loving with passion sublime, having

a taste of the joy good love brings,

leaves apprehension behind.

As my belly swells with new life,

my time with you was a treasure.

Perhaps that's why it must be buried,

to let you move on so you will grow.

Perhaps we were not meant forever,

my hair doesn't handle a crown,

but my boys will grow up

knowing love and a mom that matured.

Please let me share these emotions,

perhaps you'll see the truth not the

fears. My humiliation, reaction

caused you great pain I'll regret.

It was love, it was true, it's not lost.

The timing and circumstances

were never on our side. The purpose

is one I finally see, you let out

the better woman I needed to be.

Each day we get a bit stronger, praying

you'll receive what you need, hoping

you'll never forget us, I was real,

it was real, you changed me for the

better, that was the gift we must

never return or not recall.

No regrets permitted.

Raven Woods





In the game of love, or is it a game,

her eyes were glued to his white hair, easy style?
Staring at him all day would not be a task;
he noticed her, it had become obvious.

As their voices joined in mellifluous song,
there was electricity which silenced a room.
For weeks conversation was impossible.
They did not speak the same language;she a bit.

Enticed by efforts he made to befriend her,
their relationship grew fast and furious.
The way to her heart was laughter in a weakened time.
Music and giggles began a solid relationship.

Each day the differences in languages mattered less.
They laughed, gestured, drew pictures, smiled.
Desire to be amigos sparked creativity; enlightened.
Romance was not in the picture, timing was wrong.

Common interests, sparks enriching each day;
eased her pain when he appeared in her life.
Her goal was to learn Spanish; however she learned more.
When the personalities and interests of two ignite,

communication becomes natural; Spanish CDs useless.
They fell in love in comfort and happiness.
Inseparable they always spoke the same language.
He said, "I love you," with his eyes; today in English.

No need to learn the word "beso", natural. 'Sigh'.

Raven Woods



Sumptuous talisman
of mellifluous verse
join me under
splendor of
evening sky.
Alas your light
does not shine anon.
My journey will
transport this being
to a land where
halcyon dreams
are fulfilled
join my journey
should desire consume.





The poet's heart
is tender
to this lady's ear,
yet men fancy
other ways
to woo her
not knowing
what her
tender being
longs to hear.

may entice her,
diamonds may
turn her head,
but whisper words
of Keats, Byron,
play the notes
of Debussey,
the excitement
of the lyrical,
passionate dance,
will never end.




Capezios spare
my tired toes
for dancing in
moonlight glows.
Perhaps a better
thought would be
twirling by the
ocean's breeze.
No shoes to pain,
strong arms
to keep the dance.

Raven Woods


Sex and Chocolate



Dark chocolate

kisses in the bath

hungry heart, mouth

ready to begin again

comfort food for the soul,

Sex and chocolate

writing love poems

on my hot flushed skin.

Mouth warmed chocolate

floats upon the tongue.

Songs from the heart

freed to dance,

swept up in a primal flow.


Dark chocolate

kisses in the bath.

You smile at me,

lick me clean

beg for more.

Burning bright,

I whisper, crooning

sweet songs

my heart wrote

for your ear alone.

Hungry heart

mouth ready to begin again

freed to dance,

swept up in a primal flow.

Sex and chocolate,

comfort food for the soul.


R. Woods