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Sue's New Poems


Struggling to be normal
longer than anyone would guess,
these words spill from her heart
watching those who struggle more.

Why do we make life harder
than it ever need be at all?
Why does someone have to win,
when too many have already lost?

Why do we make assumptions
that harm or hide an entire picture?
Perhaps those who choose,
will open their hearts or eyes.

Nobody is always right or wrong.
All that we can ask is to be strong.
My hands struggle to write, “just”, words,
Their power destroys relationships, worlds.


Susan Johnston Owen © 2016

THE LONG WAIT-3/4/2016

Standing on the portico, releasing a long sigh,
the maiden fairest spies longingly, remembering their lust.
Her love traveled the sea as her hopes remained high,
for lying in his  muscled arms, knowing sighs of passion, trust.

From this spot the sea’s glimmer lights returning ships
her countenance will never fail waiting for her dream.
A chill runs up her spine as his name crosses her lips.
Spotting a strong figure, she hears his desired scream.

He stops in look of longing, her beauty took his breath,
wind gently curling , swirling her enticing billowy dress .
No longer would  days continue endlessly, fearing death.
The mate of her heart gently lifted her to kisses of caress..

Afore him stood his vision, their eyes could not believe,
the beauty in their union, no longer apart to grieve.
Susan Johnston Owen © 2016


Gentle touch
Draws them closer
Inviting a tender kiss
Emotions swarming reduce their reluctance.

Memorable kisses
Lend to more
Thoughts of such expectation
Result in fruition of dreams.

S.J. Owen

 2/6/2016 NEW

One Rose

The rose peeks through the snow,

glistening sun beams cajole it to grow.


Nature displays hope for spring’s life,

one vision of beauty relieves winter’s strife.

S.J. Owen  

Cinquain-2 rhyming couplets

The Office Window

Dots of light speckle the dewy lush lawn

the cat’s desire to play brings me to life.

With each ray, the grass smiles inviting dawn,

the brisk essence of fall cuts like a knife.


Cat’s vigilance has me open the door,

as in ecstasy she purrs with delight.

This funny fur ball has caught nature’s lure,

leaves flutter, breakfast brews, the day takes flight.


Moving to a chair by a sparkling pane,

a bunny with her babies scurries by.

Squirrels gather their essentials without strain

this spectacular scene pleases my eye.


The performance of earth’s panorama,

songs of the birds, um coffee’s aroma.

S.J.Owen  ©2015 all rights reserved


The Insomniac's Lament-NEW

It’s four in the morning her head’s in a whirl,
thoughts are going awry as they swirl.

Sleep ignores her, impatience implores,
what is this feeling she forever abhors?

The hours fly by clicking away at her thoughts
of feelings, heartbreaks, what can’t be bought.

Her body ignores pain as pen goes to page,
what is this feeling this despicable rage?

The night lingers on as she clings to the light,
why does her soul continue this fight?

Will she ever rest like the cat by her arm?
How does she know sleeping brings harm?

The slumber creeps in, it’s long overdue,
she fears the waking, when pain pushes through.

S.J. Owen © 2016


Confused by bewildering changes,
uncertainty brought chaos into a
complicated situation..
a puzzle in the world she
tried to conquer as mayhem
running through her thoughts
slowly began to erode reality.

Approaching a
mass of buttons and screens, able
to delete a person on a whim.
It was enchanting when she began
click a button, find a friend.
With time, addiction settled in.

Hastening to read the day's news,
this was a comfortable place,
to get in the way of common sense.
How much trouble could it cause
clicking the keys of a machine that
in itself is harmless until some
hapless abuse trolls in?

With the words, "it's only the internet", the
realization of its' intensity
if one allows it to be, is clear.
None the less many friendships
have gotten past the barrier of the screen;
gossip, misunderstandings, joy, laughter,
perplexed, bewildered, saddened.
Emotions never leave.

With that, she punches a few keys
The knowledge that dealing with people
is the same no matter where she settles
opens her to continue the journey.
She is who she is, just a person attempting to
find happiness in an uncertain world.

After all, if someone
chooses not to believe what she says,
speaks ill at her back,
that can't be fought.
The truth will remain the truth.
Susan J. Owen 2015 ©REWRITTEN 9/2016


Puzzled by the changes which led her
to become bewildered, she sat while
uncertainty brought chaos into an
already troubled heart. This would
forever be a puzzle in the world she
tried to conquer as the mayhem
running through her thoughts would
slowly begin to break her tattered
heart. No longer was she able to look
at herself wondering if the lies
had turned true. Approaching a
world of buttons and screens, able
to delete a person on a whim.

It was so enchanting when she began,
click a switch, find a friend. With
time, addiction settled in and she
ran to join whatever was the day's
news. This was a comfortable place
to sit in her jammies
with no makeup, showing only her
best side. Naively she allowed trust
to get in the way of common sense.
How much trouble could it cause

.. ..
to talk casually with a man who
loved music like she? Why didn't
it cross her mind that two people
could find love thousands of miles
apart? The discovery of the lies
broke two hearts and left them
shattered. How does this happen
tapping the keys of a machine that
in itself is harmless until some
abuse takes hold breaking hapless
hearts. Once back on her feet she
ventured out again with only one

purpose; writing. The promise she
made to herself was kept, the
only relationships she would have
were casual and caring. With the
words, "it's only the internet", she
realized it was much more intense,
if one allowed it to be. How do you
call someone you've never talked to
for more than a minute a friend?
None the less many friendships
have gotten past the barrier of the

screen and grown; she's comfortable.
Deciding to stay she begins to trust
until gossip, misunderstandings and
the ability to forget anything two
people once had together, turns ugly.
She's perplexed, bewildered, saddened.
With that, she punches a few keys
finding a new place to write, swearing
to avoid any friendship. She's there
to learn, nothing more. The knowledge
that dealing with people is the same
no matter where she runs breaks her

heart, again. She is who she is, she
does what she does. There's nothing
in her that desires to give anyone
pain, but misunderstanding never
leaves. Just a person attempting to
find happiness in an uncertain world,
she tries again. After all if someone
chooses not to believe what she says,
speaks ill at her back, that can't be
fought. How do you change the truth?
© Firma SueJOwen by SilviaMS


Perhaps, just this once, no one would care if the words meandered

slowly down the page like sap oozing from the Maple tree

My mind is winding a path of its’ own over the remains of the day.

It’s not nice to put restrictions on a person’s thoughts as long as the wicked stuff causes no harm, while the good finds its’ way to places  most needed.

Are my legs moving, is the car far away? Please take these bags, the store sold me bricks. How does one prepare a brick dinner, can it be done? Exhausted, 

Will we ever get home,? My eyes won’t keep the view, may I close them?

Weary, that’s the word,  everything seems so tired, the colors have dimmed as my need for some rest goes unanswered,
  the rain taps on the car's glass as if to say ,let me in, let me in. 
The feeling’s not a sad one, nor is it happy,
perhaps a bit numb from wrestling the effects the passage of time puts on ones’ body.

Perhaps no one will notice the absence of me, they might enjoy their solitude, that can be forgiven.
My back  was throbbing from a long day of nothing to anyone but me. Things might look different in the morning when the sun

starts another piece of my life, tired now, the back is longing for respite.
Give me a Coke please, that might cure what ails these worn-out bones, which  appeared alright just an hour ago.
Are my words roundabout?  My mentality will improve should my eyes close for just a bit.
It won’t take long, you’ll see, my strength will return soon. Hold my hand, moving forward , can it be done? 
Perhaps, right now permit me sleep, must begging ensue, that won’t happen.

I’m done


Susan J. Owen © 2015

Have you ever been so tired or sick that you can't explain to anyone how you feel. Are we home yet?


I'm  here to tell the story about my last four days.
Please forget if I've ignored you, my head's been in a daze.

Sat down at my computer, the screen was going wild.
Ads and scareware everywhere it wasn't at all mild.

Determined to repair this mess, I buckled down with a sigh.
Learned quite a bit about what to click, guess it's time to try.

The control panel and diagnostics are not a mystery.
Also from the beginning I cleared the history.

Dug right in to uninstall, it's not difficult you see,
did that very quickly as one,two, three..

This time was an exception that adware would not go.
Don't  ask if I've called tech support, my temper's gonna flow.

Appears there is a problem with Firefox and this company.
It's good they're not located anywhere near me.

Finally I made the call there were problems to report.
Alas was heard the dreaded words, "Technical Support", music plays.

Tonight completely exhausted, my website had been ignored,
they'd knocked out all my music, this needed to be cured.

Enough is enough with bad security, no more wasted days.
When they call me in the morning, I'll know what to say.

Don't play games with this woman then ask me for my loot.
It's easy, a no brainer, they're getting the boot.

P.S.- The tech got hacked when he tried to install spyware
and when he couldn't fix it, blamed my Dell hard drive. Ack!!!

                                            Susan J. Owen-My sleep deprived poetry,




Photoshop and me


My friends know I’m not patient

when I have to learn new stuff.

I have issues with Photoshop,

it leaves me rather gruff.


Say the word tutorial,

my mind starts racing fast.

Thinking I’ll need a burial,

Photoshop always comes in last.


I watch the little arrow

whirling round the screen,

think I’d rather give bone marrow,

making it look easy is rather mean.

Last night I was determined,

this program I will beat,

but  to me it’s more like vermin,

when most think it’s rather neat.


I love magic extractor,

 removing double chins,

however layering’s another factor,

with that, will I ever  win?


I remember when most  had one TV,

we would watch a western show.

 and never paid a fee,

life had an easier flow.


Learning to build a website

was not difficult you see.

 Photoshop has been such a fight,

my only desire to flee.


Last night I dug my heels in,

Photoshop here I come,

 desire  had gotten under my skin.,

 couldn't believe, I had learned  some.


Dear Photoshop get ready,

this girl’s determined to win.

It’s a matter of staying steady,

not learning new things, a sin.

S.J. Owen 4/12/2015

Sue's silly look at life. 

ABAB rhyming.

Picture credits-

My take on the blur we seem to get into  when engrossed in the computer. Anything could happen, we wouldn't know. Used PS 11- It's awful.  Click to get the full effect, it's large.
  Copyrght: dash / 123RF Stock Photo


FAERIE   Curious Fairy

AUTUMN  FAERIE brokenwing3dstock.deviantart.c…




Fae Requests by SueJOwen

/ / ©2015 SueJOwen#fae #fantasy #wishes #photomanipulation fae stock request 08
Fern 07


It’s Come to Her Attention


Tears roll down her checks

as the reality of the expected

is lost in a cloud of misunderstanding.

To feel needed once again,

dare she dream?

The truth of her existence

is left as a knot,  no one but she

can figure the complicated twists.

Days go by one by one

as she pulls herself to regain

even a piece of the person she was.

Too much pain of the heart

has weakened her plight to fly.

Clipped wings of a body that says no

when her mind is saying yes,

crushes all that is her alma, she sighs.

There is much life left for her,

she must battle forth, win.

No longer is the spotlight important,

her days in the light were glorious.

This is not the end of a season,

just the start of a new year to grow.

To many she is young, to some wise,

others a cherished friend, wife, mother.

How could she not smile with joy?

A new little one is almost here.

What glorious days there will be,

no reason to feel weak, lost.

She lives a life of purpose not fame.

The tears have dried as a smile

crosses her face erasing

the lines by her eyes with joy.

The best was there to love

deep in the recesses of her mind,

she remembered her worth.

        S .J. Owen 24/24/2015 ©

Picture credits at the bottom of the pg.


ABC Poem

An ABC poem is a type of poem that has five lines that create a mood, picture, or evokes feelings. These poems are five lines long. The words at the beginning of lines 1 through 4 are in alphabetical order and are made up of words, phrases or clauses. Line 5 is one sentence long and begins with any letter.



The Audition

She gathered her wits to face them,

The wait was unbearable now.

Under glowing stage lights she let out a deep sigh.

Victory might be achieved, she began.

The dance they’d see gloriously came from her heart.

S.J. Owen

Comes the dawn ,

Daunted by a night of no sleep.

Each chore needed its’ completion,

Faithfully waits for her action.

Decision; go back to sleep.



After their last encounter,

before the end of loves dance,

came feelings of insecurity.

Disheartening any hope of a chance,

two lovers walk in opposite ways, separation bound to last.



Each day her heart will reach out,

forging in search of a soul mate.

Gathering strength should she once again fail,

happiness will find her when she no longer looks.

She’ll never settle, not her style.



Art on the page is done by Susan J.Owen